DENSITY NETWORKS at the 2018 G2E Fair in Las Vegas (USA)


Eloy Fructuoso Martínez, Director General and CEO of DENSITY NETWORKS, in an interview with Games Magazine, on the main advances and evolution in gaming, and the future challenges.

1) What can you say about your company’s performance in the gaming industry this past year? How are you working in the United States?

In the last year, we have had a lot of progress in terms of the entry of our products into the gaming industry. There are already many companies, especially multinationals, that keep us in mind when budgeting the opening of a new gaming room as the first option compared to traditional solutions. Wifi has become not only a commodity but a catalyst for understanding everything that happens in a casino, helping to activate the right lever at any time.

In the United States market, we are looking for suitable allies with which to consolidate our presence. This is a very particular market, extremely demanding and mature, where mistakes are very expensive. Hence, the robustness and confidence of our portfolio must have continuity in the values we look for in our travel companions. For us, 2018 must be the year for our verification in the United States.

2) What’s new for the company in terms of its offering of interconnection and analysis systems and solutions?

Our main novelties come from the hand of our two new alliances that we have developed throughout this year. The first is with Mojo Networks, a cloud-based WiFi company, which allows us to extend the range of possibilities that we have been pushing in terms of connectivity and functionality. For us, it was essential to consolidate two areas in our WiFi offerings within the gaming industry, such as security and control, since this sector is increasingly subject to new vulnerabilities, and going one step ahead gives our customers a lot of peace of mind. Mojo gives us that extra peace of mind, both in prevention and in the rapid response to any eventuality, which we were demanding. Of course its high capacity for integration (really different from the competition) and its high performance in any conditions have been fundamental also in opting for this strategic alliance.

Density Network’s second alliance this year is part of our strategy of continuing to equip operations with tools that strengthen the processes in the room within the ecosystem facilitated by communications. In this sense, our agreement for the entire American market with VNE, a leading European company for ATMs in the gaming sector, means that we take a step further in our commitment to this sector. With VNE, we managed to increase functionality in the room and the degree of automation, in transactions for both customers and collaborators, speeding up service and quality in the process. In this way, we return to the same aspects as before: security (especially in cash management) and control (where we know exactly how much is present and where) using technology (APPs for any platform and remote control) to consult or operate from any location and time.

3) What aspects of the new gaming technology have surprised you? How do you see the future of the sector?

While it is true that technology, as in all sectors, is playing a decisive role in the gaming industry, the adoption or adaptation of certain technologies in casinos is moving slower than expected. It is more oriented, if possible, to improving known processes (some already obsolete) than to understanding what is happening and the reason, which undoubtedly will lead to differential decisions in the future. I think that there are still too many barriers in the industry that encourage us to take the step to new technologies, and even more so in those places where the results are minimally satisfactory. The risk comes from the fact that some companies are losing time in understanding this transition through trials with technology, while in the near future, those who have advanced in this field during this time will become the new leaders.

I believe that slowness in the use of certain technologies (AI, sensors, robots, etc.) is also related to the slow change of the client profile in this sector. This is not the case in sports betting, online gaming and eSports, which are breaking into this market, and in some cases this progress is slowed down by regulatory understanding and adoption, not by their capacity in the market, already proven in other countries with more history in the sector.

4)What challenges does your company face in the next twelve months?

Without a doubt, the main challenge for Density Networks is knowing how to combine all these changes in our offerings. Although we have grown in terms of our ability to cover a wider spectrum, our main risk is in providing an improvement in services that this new approach demands.

Source: Density Networks
Author: Sara Pons
Date: 12-13-14/6/2018
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