What do we do and how do we do it?

We have a wide catalog of IT solutions, both general and by sector. Our outsourcing services are fully integrated with the existing client infrastructure, or failing that, installed as a new infrastructure. We work with all types of technology, and always use the most appropriate equipment for each project.

Efficient solutions, for a hyperconnected world.


Wi-Fi networks of all kinds
Social Wi-Fi, high-density, critical infrastructures, government and public spaces, hotels and resorts, hospitals and commercial centers, retail stores, casinos and salons.


 Marketing Solutions
based on data capture through wireless infrastructure. Connection though social networks (social wifi), people counting, presence detection, contact data, segmented promotional actions.


IoT: solutions based on beacons and sensors,
trackers of assets and people, behavior analysis and measurement of environmental conditions.


Home automation and sensorization
large deployments, major manufacturers, unique buildings, customized and exclusive deployments. Very personalized advice and consulting.


Security and Video-surveillance,
perimeter cameras, access control, supervision of private areas, counting and detection, alarms and alerts.


Self-service Terminals
distribution, installation and integration, and maintenance of self-service equipment, digital kiosks for multiple sectors.


Wireless security and intrusion prevention
detection of possible unwanted access and identity theft.


Wireless connections
point-to-point and multi-point links. Distribution of signal and links between distant locations. Industrial interconnection of warehouses.


Indoor and outdoor
centralized global networks in one control center with very different environments.


Effective services that provide value to your business.

Advice, Consultation, Auditing and Engineering of IT projects
strategic and experienced. We analyze business processes in order to improving efficiency, reducing costs and obtaining maximum performance. We design the project and execute it or supervise its roll-out. We handle its technical management.

Execution of turn-key projects
with local teams in our areas of action, and our own project managers, we offer the maximum coverage from the start of the project to the initial start-up and activation tests. We are always available to the client and will deliver all the technical and management documentation required. Training for internal management personnel. Likewise, our team of PPP integrators will give the projects the maximum usability and use when linking them with their tools or internal database to exploit the data.

Technical support and monitoring 24×7
Different levels of SLA and service, according to the needs of the client. Our support and maintenance team will perform both preventive and corrective maintenance on the equipment and infrastructures, caring for them as if they were their own. We use our own team, not a third party company, which facilitates the transfer of knowledge regarding the project and its easier management. We have a multi-language Call Center and several active monitoring tools to act with the greatest possible immediacy.

Wiring and electricity
in large deployments, it is sometimes necessary to adapt the environment in order to proceed with the implementation, be it a Wi-Fi network in a holiday resort, or a home automation deployment in a Hotel, and our installation team takes care of it all. We carry out civil works and special works if the project requires it.


UTP Cabling, Fibre-optics and GPON,
we deploy all the wiring, fiber-optics between technical cabinets (CPD/IDC), the design and assembly of such cabinets, or the GPON fiber network, which allows us to provide multiple IP services by distributing a single fibre cable, with greater durability, application distance and robustness, increasing the connection speed for all devices and minimizing latency times.


Site Surveys and saturation and interference Analysis
before any deployment, we perform a deep study of the environment, its variables and the result of that influence. All this defines the best execution route, and minimizes the risk for our clients.


We are certified with most manufacturers on the market!

Using cutting-edge technology at all times, we adapt to the needs of each client to get optimal results adjusted to their needs.


We work with the most important manufacturers in the world, adopting a totally flexible working method for each project and adapting ourselves to the corporate culture of each country.


Our clients are our best guarantee.  Therefore, our team is always striving to improve and maximize performance and reliability.


Security comes first!

On all of our projects, we prioritize security of the infrastructure and the solutions implemented.

Today, identity protection and information protection is vital. We perform regular audits and checks on the processes to detect and block intrusions through the wireless network. We require our devices to achieve the highest levels of quality and protection. 


The technosystem is an integral part of our environment


Maximum prevention of unwanted intrusions and threats to the system.

A full interface for complete access to data captured from the WiFi network.

Monitoring and diagnosis of the WiFi networks, with early detection of faults and proactive actions.

Interactive application to create captive portals, Social networks, promotions and advertising campaigns.

Problem solving and analysis system, advanced reports and statistics.

Advanced control and analytics for customer management.