A luxury Hotel, with a private golf course, whose main guests are primarily top-level football teams preparing for their next season.

12 Septiembre 2017
Client: Grup Peralada
Location: Girona
Partners: Icode


A large hotel with very spacious suite-type rooms, and with special attention to detail, therefore any deployment must be invisible to the guests, but still offer extremely high quality and service.

Without forgetting all the exterior areas, such as the golf course itself and the common areas.


The solution was mainly based on a detailed analysis and study of the materials and the environment, which indicated the best placement and number of equipment, as well as the suitable models to be used.

In these projects, according to previous studies, the deployment must be almost more important and dense then the deployment in the infrastructure itself.

Fibre-optic links between the racks and level-3 switches are some of the parallel tasks which we carried out in this project, delivered, as always, ready to use.