Where do we provide VALUE?

In multiple sectors, thanks to our extensive experience and our wide range of solutions, we provide a special value, with specialized, dedicated and certified teams.

Specific solutions for each sector set us apart from the competition.


Presentación servicios corporativa Corporate services preesntation



  • Turn-key projects.
  • 24×7 Service. SLA
  • Wiring. Civil Construction. Cabling and fibre-optics. Network electronics.
  • Promotional and advertising campaigns by segment.
  • Analytics
  • Measurement of hotel service and continued improvement of operations.
  • Integration with PMS. Custom captive portals.
  • National and international coverage for chains.

Presentación servicios hospitalityHospitality services presentation

Presentación servicios hospitality videovigilanciaHospitality and video surveillance presentation



  • We work with the main operators in the gaming sector.
  • Solutions for Casinos, sports betting parlours, international operators, etc.
  • Comprehensive WiFi Service for the parlour: interconnecting machines with WiFi.
  • Distribution of video by WiFi.
  • Presence, counting and contact data capture analytics.
  • Betting tables monitored by WiFi.
  • Multiple VLAN networks in the same environment.
  • Betting terminals and redemption machines connected by WiFi.
  • Distribution of redemption cashiers with integrated systems.
  • GLI and Deloitte certification.
  • Presence in the leading cities in the sector: London, Las Vegas, etc.
  • WAAS Option: Wi-Fi as a service.
  • Active Monitoring.
  • 24×7 Support. SLA

Presentación servicios gamingGaming services presentation                  Presentación servicios gaming videoGaming video services presentation

Presentación servicios gaming flyerGaming services presentation flyer         Presentación servicios gaming remote slotGaming services presentation – remote slot



  • Analysis of shopper behavior. Times per area, store and shop window.
  • Help with advertising communication by customer identification.
  • Automatic promotional actions based on buyer patterns in real time.
  • Online directory and history of consumer habits by customer.
  • Impact of visits and money spent per visit.
  • Fully customizable captive portals, adapted to each sector.

Presentación servicios centros comercialesCommercial centers service presentation



  • High concurrence of users with control of bandwidth usage.
  • Maximum use of the radio-electric spectrum.
  • Maximize performance without deployment itself becoming the biggest problem.
  • Real time measurement and impact reports.
  • Instantaneous promotions based on predefined scenarios.


  • Ensure access to the content in any format fluidly from the required location.
  • Measure performance to improve services.
  • Increase center security.
  • Real time support for the student.

Presentación servicios educacionEducation services presentation



  • Coverage enabled in rooms for patient entertainment.
  • Measure behavior of internal personnel.
  • Internal communications channels, enabled in real time.
  • Access to critical information to reduce response times.


  • Coverage in public areas. Smart cities.
  • Government buildings with state-of-the-art detection and presence technology.
  • Symmetric and guaranteed link betwen sites.
  • Simple and centralized control and maintenance.

Presentación servicios espacios públicosPublic spaces services presentation



  • Airports, metro, ports, trains, bus lines, mobility services, etc.
  • Continuous capacity and guaranteed service of the mobility team.
  • Connected convoy and stations.
  • Loyalty tools.
  • Unification of places.


  • Communication and orchestration of processes through the coordination of all actors.
  • Identification and performance by area.
  • Measurement of interventions.
  • Automation of controls.
  • Full security and protection from intrusions.
  • Exhaustive control of data flow.
  • Critical infrastructures.

Presentación servicios assets and people trackerPublic spaces services presentation



  • Power supply with solar panels and accumulators.
  • Links with kilometers of distance between locations.
  • Point-to-point and multi-point.
  • Remote control and measurement of the elements.


  • Visitor flow graphs.
  • Connected wristbands to detect location in real-time.
  • Optimize waiting times and personalized notices to maximize enjoyment at the park.
  • Reports on park performance.
  • Possibility of increasing revenue with wireless payment systems.


  • Study and design, advice, deployment and maintenance.
  • Electrical panel, fibre-optics and wiring.
  • Lighting, controlling blinds and curtains. Maximum efficiency.
  • Heating and air conditioning.
  • Safety sensors: smoke, fire, gas, motion, water, CO2, etc.
  • Perimeter sensors, motion detectors, access monitors, etc.
  • CCTV Surveillance cameras, thermal cameras, night vision, motion detection, etc.
  • Access control with video screens
  • Distribution of high wuality audio and video
  • Home theaters
  • Pool sensors