The leading Bingo Hall and sports betting salon in the Codere group in the center of Madrid.

10 Marzo 2018
Client: Codere
Location: Madrid
Partners: Icode


STwo price redemption cashiers from the Valencian manufacturer Gistra, All the money, were added to the machines area on both floors. To do so, each machine had a network communication board installed to communicate with the network which must be connected with both cashiers to thus centralize the payment of prizes and charge the Salon Loyalty cards.


Using our wireless machine interconnection solution, we deployed 2 emitters, 1 per floor, and on each machine island, we installed one receptor with a maximum capacity of up to 4 machines simultaneously.

The installation, in addition to avoiding the breaking the technical carpet, nor performing any civil construction on the area, with all that that entails, was completed in 2 hours, without any interference with operations.

The Client was already a loyal client of our solution. In fact, this company was our first international client when, in 2010, we installed this same solution in all their Casinos in Panama. Today, our solution is still active and we are still providing maintenance, without incident after all these years.